We’re thrilled to announce a collaboration with illustrator Marie El-Ahmar on our E-Shop’s visuals. Marie’s vibrant artwork will bring a new expression to our catalogue of carefully selected jewellery and accessories.

The project occurred organically, beginning with an encounter at an east London café that turned into an invigorating conversation.

“When Marie sent me examples of her illustrations, I instantly was drawn to them, they had a dark sensuality, they remained feminine but not in a girly way, there was something quite strong about these creatures,” Valery explains. “I have always loved illustrations and I liked the idea of using illustrations of women instead of dummies or models to show our products. These illustrations encapsulate so much of what we trying to bring with our online store – we want to present a diverse account of female beauty, one that has much more depth and has intelligence.”

Marie is a Lebanese talent and lived in Helsinki until recently. She began studying art and design and transitioned into illustration as a full-time discipline. “I’ve been drawing as long as I can remember,” she reveals. “I ́ve always been much more fascinated by the illustrations of fashion designers more than the actual garments. My favourites are Christian Lacroix, John Galliano and Yves Saint Laurent.”

The creative alliance adds another strand to our store, which has from its beginning celebrated passion, ingenuity and savoir-faire.




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