scott wilson

Scott Wilson’s proudly conspicuous jewellery felt like a perfect fit with our latest curation – our tribute to the mythical Florida burg of Miami. This week we interviewed Scott to uncover more about how this masterful jeweller works.

How and when did you decide to become a designer? To coin a phrase it sort of chose me! Initially, I was interested in sculpture as well as fashion, but I gradually realized that becoming a jewellery designer meant I could combine both disciplines. This explains my route through the world of jewellery and how I use it as a vehicle to express my thoughts.

What was the first piece you ever created and does it correlate with your vision today? This just made me laugh, but after thinking about it the piece I have in mind does actually relate with my vision today, not necessarily with the jewellery I design but with an idealistic design philosophy. During my foundation course I made a brooch with a pin so it was reversible. I'm not so interested in brooches today but the idea of a piece with dual purpose still excites me.

Do your childhood and past experiences inform your designs? How? I make references to things from past experiences within a creative process but my idea is to always try to either produce a fresher context for it or to juxtapose it with something unexpected. This is embarked upon either by changing the form or combining it with an unexpected material. My association with Jaeger as a child through my mother was a deciding factor in collaborating with them in for their S/S10 catwalk show and then for our commercial collaboration, Scott Wilson x Jaeger A/W12.

Do you have any rituals when you design? Music, coffee … starting off with a clean & tidy desk, moving into a very messy desk and ending up with hopefully some great ideas!

When you design a piece, what is important to you? The context of the piece, who will wear it, how do they want to feel when they wear it, and finally how do I want them to look wearing it.

What is your favorite environment when you design? An amazing brief, a light space, music and a huge long table/ desk to lay things out to look at different ideas, materials, options with lots of time to ponder over it.

What would be your dream material to work with? Why? My love has always been for acrylic, I love it's versatility and the ease at which you can transform it from almost nothing into something exiting and full of new life. I'm interested in finding a way of transferring that philosophy of working but with precious materials, palladium could be interesting for example.

What is your greatest source of inspiration? The feeling I get from experiencing an architectural space that challenges my mind, transporting me somewhere I may have not been before. This isn't just the building itself and the spaces within it, but also the spaces around and in-between.

If you could choose a muse, who would it be? Someone who has passion, energy, humour, a non mainstream beauty who loves fashion but isn't driven by it! Kristen Mcmenamy

Who is your favourite designer across all disciplines? Nicolas Ghesquière for Balenciaga

Tell us your favourite experience of encountering someone you didn’t know wearing your design. Who was it and what was the piece? Where was it? How did you feel? I could choose Bjork wearing a piece I made for Hussein Chalayan or the first time I met Mr (Thierry) Mugler at Maison Mugler who was trying on one of my head pieces ……… but it has to be the Odeon Cinema, Tottenham Court Road while watching Charlies Angels, turning to a friend telling them 'that's mine!' in surprise. Cameron Diaz and Lucy Lui wearing crystal studded acrylic cuffs from a collection that I later discovered Cameron Diaz had bought ten pieces of from a store in Rome.